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Our Services

Companies with any cyber infrastructure definitely need security, but they face real and hard issues such as their IT departments lack in skill set in security, the growing complexity of the security landscape, Othe big investment in new technologies, and because of this, failed implementation.

Armada Innovation Labs provides a well-rounded and efficient approach
to your cyber security needs with the right services:


Top Vendor Security Solutions

Keep your customers trust and increase your vendor security. We design, implement, audit, and manage vendore securities to ensure your data becomes unattainable.

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Security Assessment and Penetration Testing

Build a secure wall to defend your assets from attacks. We evaluate vulnerabilities to know where breaches are possible.



Security Analysis and Forensic Investigation

Find evidence, triage, investigate, and minimize impacts of attacks. We administer attack contexts, infrastructure-wide visibility, codified expertise, and transcendent intelligence and insight.



Security Training and Mentoring

We train, mentor, and conduct lab testing to empower your security team. Get the best help you and your customers deserve.

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A simulated environment, consisting of numerous applications and security appliances, illustrating various scenarios of the vulnerability of a company’s cyber security system, possible threats, and how it can be effectively solved

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Ai-Labs - Mission and Vision
Armada Innovation Labs is the expert in 360-degree cyber-security solutions.

To fully protect company systems and data, we tackle different elements of cyber-security, from strategic development to management. We can help you protect your business from security issues such as hacking, malware, data leakage, and system infiltration. With our extensive knowledge about the cyberspace, we can ensure your company seamless security.

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Our Mission and Vision

We aim to grow and empower our army of skilled security professionals so we can supply a full service and be the the top expert holistic cyber-security solutions provider.

The Team

Beyond Proficient. We are Professional Experts.

To ensure you get the full 360-degree approach to your cyber security, we have formed a battalion of security professionals.

Our team is certified in the fields of CCIE Security, CCIE Data Center, CISSP, OSCP, CEH, and F5 CSE Security.

You can trust that we know what we are doing. We have the best people in the industry to provide unparalleled expertise with the highest-value of professionalism. Our team members come from different technology backgrounds, so you can get the insightful and intelligent holistic approach to your cyber-security.

Dean Armada

Founder/ Chief Arhitect

Dennis Jabonete

Application Security Architect

Philip Alvic Cagunot

Data Center Security Architect

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