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JUNE 2018 - NEWS

According to the Cost of Data Breach Study, the average cost of a security breach is $3.62 million per organization. Not only does cybercrime drains the budget, but also gravely dents an organization’s reputation. 

In cases like this, prevention is definitely better than cure. There is now better way to retaliate to cybercriminals than by establishing a security culture in your company. This kind of culture is built around creating awareness on security which can be achieved through training. Although this won’t be an easy feat, there simple ways to help you gets started. Here are five of them.


Fighting with your enemy means you need to get to know them. This means that educating your employees on the importance of security awareness does not end on their induction training. Instead, constant training is needed to help them keep up with security trends and the steps they can take to keep the company more secure. 

Keep it hands on

Sure, it’s important to know the ins and outs of cyber security in theory, but this textbook knowledge won’t be able to help you if no one in your company if they lack the proper practical skill. Security awareness training and simulation exercises provide access to vital first-hand experience that would identify where the risks lie. It does not have to be a boring two hour lecture and can be as fun as random real-life simulation exercises that teaches them to identify security problems. 

Keep it personal

Trust brings out the best in anyone. Emphasizing that they have the responsibility for the security of your company gives them a sense duty and importance. Such a positive outlook helps in building a more secure environment in your organization. 

Be their friend

In the event that a security breach occurs, it is important for your users to know that they have somebody on their side. Make sure to educate your staff on who they should contact when they find themselves in a suspicious situation. All the while, it’s also important that they know what to do in such situations while they wait for assistance. 

Recognize and reward your people

An effective way to driving people to do well in each task is to incentivize and reward them for jobs well done. Cash incentive is also just as important as sending out recognition emails sent around the office. A simple $100 incentive is nothing compared to the expenses you need to pay when a security breach occurs. Make them feel that doing the right thing would be favorable to them and chances are this will soon develop as part of their habit. 

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