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JUNE 2018 - NEWS

Data is one of the most vital assets any company could own. Regardless of size and the type of information stored, every organization is highly advised to have good Information Security Program. 

An Information Security Program is a comprehensive approach to protecting all critical business processes and IT assets through security processes. It is made up of policies and procedures assessing risks, monitoring threats, and mitigating attacks.  Without such program endangers the risk of the company’s most vital information be put to the wrong hands. This could jeopardize its finances, reputation, and even the entire business itself. 

If setting up such program seems complicated here are three things you should remember in order to keep your company’s data safe. 


The success of a company lies in the security of the company’s sensitive information. Access to such must be only limited to authorized individuals that are responsible enough to keep it safe. Aside from this, encryption, two-factor authentication, user IDs, and strong passwords helps in maintaining confidentiality. 


Through file permissions and access controls, an organization’s sensitive data can in a much lesser risk. It is company’s responsibility to maintain the accuracy of authenticity of the data it holds, that’s why it’s important that such data is guaranteed safe from accidental or intentional changes that could exploit it. 


Despite everything, it is crucial for businesses to keep their services, information, and other critical assets available to their clients whenever needed. This included lost or destroyed data. A disaster recovery plan and constant backups help make sure that your clients’ data are not just going to vanish because of errors. 

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